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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory CO., LTD. (Cherng Yi Hsing) is a electroplating services provider from Taiwan who's devoted to providing quality plating services with their advanced plating equipment. With over 40 years of plastic plating experience and serving numerous world-class clients such as Chrysler, GM, Ford and Whirlpool, Cherng Yi Hsing engineering team's plating skill is highly competent. With their substantial experience, Cherng Yi Hsing is ready to widen their plating product selections. So far, their plating items include:

  • interior and exterior auto parts (bumpers, radiator grilles, light bezels, wheel covers, mirror housings and reflective surfaces)
  • truck parts (truck bumpers);
  • window visor and hood guard;
  • dryer and washing machine parts (button dividers, chrome strips, etc).

Smoke, bright chrome, satin nickel and trivalent chromium etching technology is offered. One-stop ABS, ABS/PC plating production consists of designing, mold making, electroplating, lab testing to final packaging; they are all conducted under rigorous inspections - and certified.

One of the chrome plating tanks, 330*85*230cm, which allows Chrng Yi Hsing to plate large items, along with tiny strips of appliance and motorcycle parts.

"Because our clients care about the environment, therefore, our plastic electroplating's chemical solutions is purchased from Germany and is RoHS certified, without environmental issues associated with traditional chrome plating." says Shin-Fong, Wang, the factory director of Cherng Yi Hsing.

Cherng Yi Hsing Plating- on - Plastic Service Flow & Turnkey manufacturing capabilities

Cherng Yi Hsing's service_flow
    Cherng Yi Hsing Chromium Plating On ABS Plastic Service Flow
  1. Receive Inquiry:
    Cherng Yi Hsing receives numerous inquiries everyday and is responsible to reply the inquiries within 24 hours.
  2. Requirement Evaluation:
    Cherng Yi Hsing evaluates the possibilities for the request and replies within 24 hours. Most of the inquiries request price quotes and prompt response is provided if buyer leaves a clear message regarding their requirements. Our experienced mold engineering team would evaluate the mold based on your requests and provide the most suitable solutions for you.
  3. Provide Quotations:
    Quotation is delivered when Cherng Yi Hsing decides the job is viable.
  4. Mold Testing / Mold Making:
    Our cooperated mold maker has more than 40 years experience who specialized in building custom injection molds for OEM auto parts and accessories. We are capable of building different types/sizes of tooling with diversity CNC machining work to meet customer requirement and satisfaction. Our tooling engineers are capable to perform the CAD design analysis to discuss with customers to make sure the mold accuracy once we receive customer sample or design drawing. Complete the mold in 75 days and send the sample parts for customer approval before starting of production. If customer offer mold, we will conduct the mold trial to make sure the tooling condition. Our tooling engineers will verify the tooling condition to make sure the quality of injection parts. If the mold need to be modified, we will assist customer to conduct the tooling modification until the mold is good.
    mold making for your chromium plating on ABS plastic - Cherng Yi Hsing
    Mold Making for Your Plastic Electroplating - Cherng Yi Hsin
    milling and drilling with auto parts -  chromium plating on ABS plastic
    Milling and drilling with auto parts
    4 Axis horizontal machine -  chromium plating on ABS plasticBridge type high speed milling machine -  chromium plating on ABS plastic3 Axis horizontal machine - Electroplating Services
    4 Axis horizontal machineBridge type high speed milling machine3 Axis horizontal machine
    bridge type milling machine - Electroplating ServicesHigh speed milling machine center - Electroplating Services
    Bridge type milling machineHigh speed milling machine center
  5. plastic plating's mold making with precise
    Sample Product Delivery (T1):
    Whether mold is provided by client or built though Cherng Yi Hsing, mold testing and injection machine functionality assurance are handled before trial product is made. Send the trial sample to the client until it's approved. They are checked for welding lines, scratches or any damage on the surface.

    Mailing or visiting Cherng Yi Hsing in Taiwan to check up sample product is acceptable. Once approved, sample product will kept by the client and the client will provide their original one for reference.
  6. Sample Product Delivery (T2):
    Cherng Yi Hsing provides estimated electroplating service price quotes based on plating conditions when accepted.
  7. Client confirms on injected sample products
    During confirmation period, we will work with clients to make any changes regarding the sample product in order to provide perfect parts to our clients. Cherng Yi Hsing's years of experience to push ourselves to be efficiency and accuracy in order to meet client's requirements.
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    • Hood guard modification for a client (before and after) - Electroplating Services
    Hood guard modification for a client (before and after)
  8. Plating on ABS Plastic:
    Once the product is removed from injection molding machine, chemical solution for plastic plating and titanium racks are prepared for the next step – plastic electroplating. The plastic plating process consists of loading plating items to titanium racks, preparing for chemical etching solutions, surface cleaning, electroplating and plated item withdrawing from racks.

    Auto parts, truck parts, and appliance parts ABS and ABS+PC plastic plating are available with Cherng Yi Hsing's certified procedures. Many companies from other countries select Cherng Yi Hsing's plating service due to their large tanks. One of them, three tanks total, is 330*85*230cm, which allows big objects such as truck parts, bumpers, etc.

    In a chromic acid tank, treatment process is relatively important as plated object could result in poor adhesion. You need someone with over 40 years of plastic plating experience and sophisticated equipment to get things right. Cherng Yi Hsing's engineering controls for plating tanks is outstanding. In addition, RoHS is applied when making trivalent chrome plating chemistry in order to meet environmentally friendly standards.
    Cherng Yi Hsing (Electroplating Services Provider) puts plated parts on the racks before plastic plating starts.
    Plating on plastics - precise plastic plating with high quality plastic resin and special designed chemical solution.
  9. Plated Part Lab Test:
    Along with onsite inspection, once chrome electroplated part is removed from the racks, there is a series of tests at the lab, including plating thickness tests, corrosion tests, thermal cycle hot and cold tests, stone chip tests, peel tests, sulfate tests and painting adhesion tests to assure each plated product's quality.
    certified lab for all plastic plating parts
    certified test lab for each plastic plated item including auto parts, truck parts, motorcycle parts, appliance parts.
  10. Sample Product Boundary Value:
    Based on supplier and buyer's acknowledgment of sample product, the acceptable boundary value is assigned as a reference for future products. Or rather, the boundary sample is applied to communicate the agreed upon acceptable limits to part quality between supplier and client. Both supplier and client would sign on sample product for further reference.
  11. Sample Product Shipping:
    Sample parts are delivered via express shipping service to make sure customers receive it on time. We try our best to meet the sample submission deadline as we promise to our customers.
  12. Mass Product Production:
    Client receives electroplated sample product, mass production starts once approved.
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