Plating on Plastics Expert - Cherng Yi Hsing

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory CO., LTD. (Cherng Yi Hsing) is a electroplating services provider with over 40 years of experience and had served numerous international clients all over the world. With the large plastic chrome plating tanks and sophisticated industrial plating technology, CYH is able to plate big objects, including auto parts, vehicle parts, appliance parts regardless whether it's OEM or ODM manufacturing.

Cherng Yi Hsing's Client – Whirlpool

Bright, smooth, adhesive surface plating and rigorous finishing, after years of plastic electroplating service, Whirlpool has increased their orders for plated appliance parts. It proves Cherng Yi Hsing's high quality industrial plating technology and precise surface finishing. Furthermore, the consistent plating quality has gained confidence, which allowed Whirlpool to also widen their plastic plating items.

Order item & seles amount in 2015
Whirlpool red 7.4 cu ft capacity Gas DryerBrt Trm Strip-WP154,656154,656
Whirlpool VMAX Cabrio Top-Load DryerWP Chrome Trim Top140,483666,187
WP Chrome Bottom131,400
WP Chrome LH Side Hinge135,784
WP Chrome RH Side Hinge136,840
WP Chrome Handle121,680
Whirlpool VMAX Cabrio Top-Load WasherWP Washer Trim LH185,706482,670
WP Washer Trim RH189,468
KM Handle Lid84,096
KM Dryer Trim Top23,400

Whirlpool’s Selection For Home Appliance Chromium Plating On ABS Plastic

Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, and Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory CO., LTD. (CYH), an electroplating services provider, plays an important role for their home appliances.

Whirlpool is a world leading home appliance supplier and not every chrome electroplating company can meet their extremely high standard requirements. After a series of demonstrations of the work they deliver to GM, Chrysler and Ford, the high standard plastic plating production lines, test equipments and certifications, CYH was chosen to supply electroplating services on Whirlpool's dryer and washer machines including console strip and button dividers of Whirlpool - Duet (washer and dryer) and Drawer Handle, chrome Inlay and button separator of Maytag-Maxima (washer and dryer), etc.

electroplating services on Whirlpool's dryer and washer machine
Electroplating services on Whirlpool's dryer and washer machines

Motorcycle Parts Electroplating Services

Plastic Chrome Plating Products for Motocycle Parts

CYH is also specialized in motorcycle parts plastic chrome plating, and they are providing the service to the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan. CYH’s chrome electroplating tanks run as large as 330x80x205cm, this means that they can handle virtually any heavy equipment or motorcycle parts plating job you request. One of CYH’s clients, Tong Yang Industry Co.,Ltd. is a leading vehicle parts electroplating services provider with plants located in Taiwan (420,000m²), with international clients from all over the world, CYH’s large electroplating tanks are providing vehicle parts chrome electroplating services to Tong Yang in significant volume. It proves CYH vehicle parts chrome electroplating skills are excellent for international Aftermarket suppliers.

CYH is a nickel and chrome electroplating service provider with 43-years of experience and had served numerous international clients all over the world. With the large chemical plating tanks, CYH is able to chrome electroplate large objects that meet international standards, including auto parts, vehicle parts, home appliances regardless of OEM automotive manufacturers, auto parts aftermarket, vehicle parts and home appliances suppliers, etc.

    CYH Motorcycle Industrial Plating Tank Sizes:
  • Plant #1 Cherng Min Aftermarket: 330*80*205cm (130”*31.5”*80.7”)
  • Plant #2 Sherng Yi Hsing Aftermarket: 330*75*180cm (130”*29.5”*70.8”)
  • Plant #3 Cherng Yi Hsing OEM Parts: 330*85*230cm (130”*33.5”*90.5”)

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Testing Equipment

    CYH ISO/ IEC 17025 - TAF Lab Approval
  • Thickness Test
  • CASS Test
  • Thermal Test
  • Stone Chip Test (Gravelometer)
Chrome Electroplating Thickness Test
GM4372 Request
  • Cr: 0.25µm
  • Ni: 20µm
  • Cu: 10µm
  • Total thickness: more then 38µm
GMW14668 Request
  • Cr: 0.25~0.5µm
  • Ni: 20µm
  • Cu: 15µm
  • Total thickness: more then 35µm
    Chrome Electroplating CASS Test (CASS TEST - ASTM B368)
  • Pure Water + NaCl 50 g/l + CuCl2 0.25 g/l
  • Quantity of Fog:
    • 1.0 to 2.0mL/(80㎝ˆ2·h)
    • pH: 3.1 to 3.3
    • Specific gravity: 1.030 to 1.040
  • Air Pressure: (1.00±0.01)Kgf/cmˆ2
  • Chamber Temperature: (49±1)°C
  • Air Pressure Temperature: 63°C
    GM4372M & GMW 14668 Thermal Test
  • -30±1.5°C : 1hr
  • 25±5°C : 15 minutes
  • 85±1.5°C : 1hr
  • 25±5°C : 15 minutes
CASS TEST - ASTM B368CASS TEST - ASTM B368MacBeth Light Machine:Color Assessment Cabinet for Plating on ABS Plastic Objects

Plastic Plating Service Flow

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