How to get the job done right when it comes to auto part industrial plating

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory CO., LTD. (CYH) - an electroplating services provider – a name synonymous with "quality and dependability". CYH is a Taiwan-based company that is an expert in making automotive parts, automotive decorative boards, bumpers, lampshades, radiator front decorative boards, rear view mirrors, rims, motorcycle parts and bathroom accessories.

CYH started its first POP, Plating on Plastics, electroplating line in 1969, with more than 40 years experience and advanced plating equipment, and provides you with the most sophisticated multi-layer chrome plating from injection to the final step of chrome electroplating.

CYH provides Total Vertical Integration service from receipt of plastic granules, injection, chrome plating, to delivery - they are always striving to develop expertise and components which meet the requirements of their customers, and one of their main OEM clients, General Motors Corp.(GM), has been cooperating with them for so long that they still have all their moulds in the factory. This proves their trustworthiness and high-quality automotive parts production. In addition, Tong Yang Industry Co., Ltd., one of biggest vehicle parts manufacturers in Taiwan, has also been cooperating with them based on their high quality production and on-time delivery. CYH sells their electroplating products worldwide, including to the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Australia, etc.

In particular, using the latest plating technology facilities of Multi-layer plastic chrome plating Process and complying with quality-control standards, CYH is able to produce various sized products such as small accessories, signs and automotive large formed components (maximum 320cm in length).

In order to satisfy customers' needs, CYH continues to offer different plastic plating services, including process plastic injection, molding design, ABS plastic plating, ABS+PC plastic plating and flame-retardant ABS plastic plating. In order to conduct the high-quality plastic chrome plating, the plastic granules are provided by Samsung and GE include COA report.

bumpers - plastic chrome plating
CYH's electroplating products includs: bumpers, lamp housing, rear view mirror and all kinds of POP accessories
for re-made or re-model car, motorcycle parts, sanitary fitting and other application

Equipped with a huge injection moulding machines which is 2500 tons for injecting large size products such as bumpers, and all the injected ABS bumpers are examined using gage dimension measurement for their precision. Gage dimension measurement is used to measure before and after electroplated size of bumpers; the smaller sizes difference, the more accurate they are. Since the gage dimension measurement play an important role for injected production, the gage dimension measurement are often sent to a specialist for precision adjustment. CYH has created a method for transferring the injected productions from moulding section to electroplating area that ensures the products are shifted without any harm.

When the process of electroplating begins, the injected products are clipped on the racks. The racks at CYH are made with titanium, which are more expensive than any other material, but since CYH insists on achieving the highest quality, they have therefore continuously used titanium racks for the best plating results.

The chrome electroplating section is an area where ABS-injected products are plated into metallic material. CYH's whole electroplating production line is so large that the whole process takes 4 hours to complete.

For plated products, a laboratory with all test machines assures plated products' accuracy meets the high standards of their clients.

For example, the laboratory contains a CASS test machine, Gravelometer for Stone Chip Tests, Sulfate Tester, Thermal Cycle Test Machine, Painting adhesion Test by Cross Hatch Test and Chemistry Tester, etc.

For gravel meter test, the standards machine and the stones are specially ordered from Japan to assure the electroplated items are tested under rough conditions with the best performance. The quality inspections include plating thickness measurement test, CASS resistance test, microscope and pore count check. Therefore, finished plating products are guaranteed as rust-proof, strong, adherent, spotless, blister-free with no pin holes on surface, no burns or roughness.

CYH is concerned about the work environment and it is ISO 9001 certified; the advanced air evacuation system has ensured employees are working in an environment with no contamination. Their waste water treatment system also complies with environmental regulations. In addition, CYH's automotive-related products are ISO/TS 16949 certified, which meets the standards of ASTM in U.S., JIS in Japan, GMW in U.S and IMDS, and their laboratory is ISO/ IEC 17025 -TAF approved for their management system in terms of quality.

Cherng Yi Hsing (CYH) provides warranty for product quality
Cherng Yi Hsing (CYH) will replace the parts if there are found any defect during the warranty period

Cherng Yi Hsing (CYH) acts as a supplier of chromium plating on ABS plastic with good quality. Their chrome electroplating skill is certified, meaning their electroplated equipment meets all the essential requirements. If you are looking for a supplier of highly-refined and advanced electroplating products, look no further than Cherng Yi Hsing (CYH) .

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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory CO., LTD. (CYH) Advantages & Strength

    Three chromium plating on ABS plastic poduction lines:
  • 330cm x 80cm x 205cm
  • 330cm x 75cm x 180cm
  • 330cm x 85cm x 230cm

Injection Mould Machine
100 Ton Presses
180 Ton Presses
200 Ton Presses
250 Ton Presses
300 Ton Presses
500 Ton Presses
850 Ton Presses
1200 Ton Presses
2500 Ton Presses

    CYH ISO/ IEC 17025 TAF Certified Lab:
Cromium Plating on ABS plastic - Thickness Measurement, CASS Resist Test, Thermal Cycle Test, 90°Adhesion-Tearing Strength Test, Microscope and for Pore Count Chect
    COA (Certificate of Analysis ) Report:
  • Injection molding material/resin with COA report Chemical (copper, nickel and chrome)
  • Processing liquid tank with COA report (chemical)
  • Titanium Plating Racks
  • Plastic Granule with COA approval
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